A new group in Nursery for 3-year-olds opens in February!

TES is happy to announce that a Nursery 0 group (N0 EN) will open its doors to children who have reached 3 years of age as from Monday 1st February 2021.

The group will be opened as part of our English section of the Nursery cycle, therefore children who are admitted to the N0 group will be able to continue in N1 group the following school year. As part of the TES Nursery, the N0 group will follow the core curriculum set for the European Schools – Early Education Curriculum, which comprises four main areas – Me and my body, Me as a person, Me and the others and Me and the world – having each three dimensions –  Learning to be, Learning to live with others and Learning to do and to know.

The daily schedule of the group follows the same hours (from 9:00 to 16:00) and will be similar to the older Nursery groups including structured learning activities that support the development of language, motor and social skills, indoor and outdoor playtime, as well as the nap time.

The teacher Liisi Matt has ten years of experience in early childhood settings. She has been working in international schools and kindergarten in China and more recently in Estonia. Liisi is assisted by Annisa Laasma. Originally from Indonesia, Annisa has been travelling for the last six years teaching in different countries.

The learning language is English, the latter should be one of the languages present in the everyday life of the child, being his/her mother tongue, dominant or secondary language.

The tuition fee is the same as for the other Nursery groups: 363 euros/month.

Applications for admissions can be sent through the application form accessible from Monday 11 January 2021 on our website.

Conditions of admission to the N0 EN group:
  • A child can be enrolled the next school day after having reached 3 years of age according to the academic year calendar
  • English is the mother tongue, dominant language or a secondary language present in the everyday life of the child
  • The child is expected to be toilet trained
  • The priority for admissions is given to the children of TES staff members and families already attending our school

We have received your application. Thank you!