All classes are back at school from Monday 25 January

Following the latest decisions of the Ministry of Education and Research communicated last week, all classes of Nursery, Primary and Secondary are back at school starting from Monday 25 January.

NB! Update 29.01.2021
  • Some specific rules must be followed by all Secondary pupils in order to limit the contacts in the common areas and during the breaks.
  • From Monday 1st February all extracurricular activities are happening normally, apart from the Football activity for Primary taking place outdoors in the schoolyard.
  • Please note that all persons need to wear a mask while being indoors (the school can provide masks when necessary). The obligation does not extend to children under the age of 12 or in case it is not possible to wear the mask for health reasons or due to the nature of the activity or other valid reasons.
  • Every person present at school must be healthy. If a person feels unwell during the school day, the school nurse must be contacted immediately!

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