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Abstract Music & Art Project

S1 and S2 pupils studied abstract art and created some wonderful sculptures during their Art lessons, inspired by Cubism in S1 and Kandinsky in S2. They have then created abstract musical compositions using their sculptures as an inspiration. Finally, every pupil created a video using their own musical compositions as a soundtrack.
Schoolyear 2020-2021 / Secondary 1 & 2 / Teachers: Ivi Rausi-Haavasalu (Music) & HANNA GEARA (Art)

Composition by Aune (S1B)

Composition by Efrosiine (S1B)

The Ageing, by Elisabet (S2A)

Foggy Evening, by Erin (S2B)

I composed what I saw in my artwork. I tried to make the composition sound both happy and scary.

The Void, by Eva (S2A)

Composition by Flora (S2A)

The Modern Kandinsky, by Laura (S2B)

My composition reflects the artwork the way I felt when I looked at the artwork. This feeling is unique, which I could not mix up with anything else. It’s not basic simple feelings like happiness or sadness.

The first composition reflects a chronic, repetitive, never-ending blue. The second one is more deep, bubblier, and wavier. The third one is high and repeating all different types of sound, still changing. In the fourth one I felt a fast beat that had to be in high pitched and kind of messy with the notes.

The Colorful World, by Haining (S2B)

Music Compositions, by Ricards (S2A)

Composition by Sofia (S1B)

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