Mr Markko Mattus is the new director of Tallinn European School

Mr Markko Mattus is the new director of Tallinn European School. His contract has been signed on Thursday 15 August 2019 by Mr Mart Laidmets, Chair of the Supervisory Board of Foundation Euroopa Kool. Mr Mattus is also a Member of the Managing Board of Foundation Euroopa Kool. Due to his current position as Deputy Head for the Nursery and Primary Cycles at the European School Brussels IV, Mr Mattus will first run the school part-time from Brussels before working full-time at Tallinn European School starting from January 2020.

The school management team for the school year 2019/2020 is completed by Ms Sigrid Melts, Deputy Director for Nursery and Primary, and Mr Guillaume Raboutot, Deputy Director for Secondary.

Mr Mattus has been teaching French as a foreign language in Estonia for 15 years. Since 2011 he has been Deputy Head for the Nursery and Primary Cycles in European School Mol (Belgium) and European School Brussels IV (Belgium).

Please read below his first address as the new director of TES.

Dear pupils, parents, teachers and members of staff,

It is with great pleasure, excitement and joy that I start this new school year in my new position as the Director of Tallinn European School and join the special community of this school.

I believe strongly in cooperation and solid teamwork. Establishment of a trustworthy, inclusive and positive environment guarantees the effective work of all members of staff and through that our pupils’ sustainable socio-emotional and academical development. It is obvious that Tallinn European School would not be what it is now without the daily investment of an important number of people: teaching and supporting staff, parents, and pupils. It means that everybody’s personal contribution is expected to achieve these goals. Only Together Everybody Achieves More – TEAM!

While I would unquestionably like to be present at school from the beginning of the school year, my current responsibilities at the European School Brussels IV do not allow me to fully take my responsibilities from September and I will be thus running the school part-time from the distance being thoroughly in mutual and recurrent contact with the Foundation, the deputy directors and the administration of the school. Over the next four months I will be present at school as much as my work in Brussels allows me and will represent the school at various meetings in Brussels and in the network of Accredited European Schools as well. I will start working full time in Tallinn from January 2020.

Having worked now for few days, I can already sense the professionalism of people working here. I will meet all the great teachers and supportive staff at the opening event on the 21st of August at Rocca al Mare Open air museum in order to present highlights and key words of the coming year.

Dear pupils, parents and colleagues I wish you a fresh school year filled with pleasure of learning, where knowledge is emphasised and shared between the school and the family. I wish you all an excellent and inspiring academic year!

Tallinn European School


• 2016–Present: Deputy Head Nursery and Primary, European School Brussels IV (Belgium)
• 2011–2016: Deputy Head Nursery and Primary, European School Mol (Belgium)
• 2000–2011: Head of the Department of foreign languages, teacher of French as foreign language, Rocca al Mare School / Rocca al Mare Kool, Tallinn (Estonia)
• 2001–2011: Examination specialist, National examination and qualification centre (Estonia)
• 1997–2000: Teacher of French as foreign language, Institute of law / Õigusinstituut (Estonia)
• 1996–2002: President / vice president of the Association of French Teachers in Estonia
• 1994–1997: Teacher of French as foreign language, Tallinn French Lycée/ Tallinna Prantsuse Lütseum, Tallinn (Estonia)

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