Organisation of studies from Monday 14 to Friday 18 December


According to the decision of the Government on Tuesday, all schools in Estonia are closed from the 14th of December for teaching and learning in situ, all extracurricular activities and team sports are cancelled. See the new restrictions approved by the Government on Thursday 10 December.

The only exceptions allowed what concerns our school are:

  • individual consultations for exams, tests, or individual sessions for catch-up;
  • individual sessions with pupils who need special attention.

All Nursery classes will remain open.
All Primary and Secondary classes will be in full or partial distance learning. 

Christmas pop-up shows, recorded previously, will be broadcasted and shared with families and teachers over the week. More information will follow. (NB! For privacy reasons, please do not share these recordings with third parties!)

Please note that the school building remains open to all members of staff with the condition to ensure social distancing, wearing masks, and following the rules of hygiene. Parents can come to school to pick up the personal items of their children between 8:30-16:30.
NB! Up to two people may be present in a study room or the cloakroom, keeping a distance of at least two meters from each other.


NB! Children with any signs of illness will not be admitted to the school. 

The school remains open for Nursery pupils from Monday 14 December to Thursday 17 December from 9:00 until 16:00. Friday 18 December the school will be open from 8:45 until 13:00.

Please note that there is no Precare or Aftercare service provided before and after school hours, no indoor Extracurricular activities will take place.


Arrival and Departure:

  • School gates are open from 8:45-9:15 and from 16:00-16:15 (13:00 on Friday).
  • Parents access the school grounds from the main gate of the school and bring their children to the gate to the playground at the backside of the school building.
  • Starting from 16:00 from Monday to Thursday parents come to pick up their child at the gate to the playground. On Friday parents can pick up their child directly from the classroom from 12:45.
  • NB! The pickup will remain accessible until 16:15 (13:00 on Friday).
  • Assistants will be waiting for arriving pupils outside from 8:45 with the exception of Monday arrival and Friday departure when parents are allowed to bring/ take their children’s belongings.
  • At the end of the day, pupils have outside playtime starting from 15:45.
  • All groups will have activities outside on the playground. Please make sure that your child is clothed according to the weather.


Partial distance learning

  • Every morning at 9.00 pupils meet with their class teacher in TEAMS’ in the morning for check-in and to deliver creative tasks for the day.
  • Pupils have daily check-in with their L2/ L1 teacher during their L2/ L1 time according to the timetable (please see in MySchool).
  • At the end of each day (indicated by the class teachers) pupils have check-out time with their class teacher and reflection on the day of what they have learned that day.
  • Music, PE, and Art activities will be indicated in MySchool for the week. There are no TEAMS sessions for the subjects foreseen.
  • European Hours’ presentations will be uploaded in MySchool for pupils and families to watch. (NB! Please do not share these presentations with third parties!)
  • SEN and support lessons can happen at school following an agreement with all parties involved.
  • As Friday is planned as a shortened day, there will be one morning TEAMS session with the class teacher and one session with the L2/ L1 teacher according to the timetable.


  • Secondary 5 to secondary 7, who were in distance learning, will continue the same way, using the same guidelines and following the same regulations about testing and lessons.
  • Secondary 4 will have their B tests as planned and follow a simplified schedule (sent separately): 2 contacts with teachers in the morning through TEAMS, and one contact in the afternoon, with tasks and projects related to the original planning and curriculum.
  • Secondary 1 to secondary 3 classes will ha a simplified schedule, with two TEAMS’ contacts with teachers in the morning and one contact in the afternoon.
  • A study plan can be sent through MySchool on Monday about the content of lessons, this should not require a large amount of preparatory work for pupils.
  • Friday morning, a contact lesson will be organised for all secondary classes with the class teacher, to say goodbye before the break. Friday afternoon is free.
  • All TEAMS session schedules will be communicated through MySchool, TEAMS, and delivered to teachers and pupils in person on Friday.
  • SEN and support lessons can happen at school following an agreement with all parties involved.

We will keep you informed of the organisation of studies after the return from the holidays on the 5 January 2021.

We have received your application. Thank you!