Tallinn European School follows the guidelines of the curriculum of the European Schools. Optional subjects are chosen by the pupil according to the choices on offer at the school. The structure of the school curriculum includes a general section and subject syllabuses. The curriculum states the study objectives and duration, the conditions for starting the studies, the list of subjects and their scope, the syllabuses, the options and conditions for selecting subjects and the requirements for completion of school years and for graduation.

In preschool, the main emphasis is on developing the abilities of a child through use of imagination and instructed learning. The essential educational method is learning by playing.

Our teachers come from around the world. Together they bring a variety of ideas and pedagogical knowledge which adds to the cultural diversity of our school. 

The secondary cycle at the Tallinn European School aims to promote European cultural diversity whilst simultaneously fostering an inclusive and supportive school community.

The school promotes multilingualism with a French-speaking section and more than 10 European languages taught, in addition to the possibility to pass internationally recognised language tests.

The EB is an officially recognised entry qualification for higher education in all EU countries, as well as many others. Students can attend universities all over Europe and beyond.


Our school uses MySchool as a school management system. MySchool is a third-party information system for storage of study- and school-related information.  

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