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Susanna Aija
Deputy Director for Secondary
Mari Peets
Deputy Director for Nursery and Primary
Caroline Abner
French Language Teacher (L2)
Samuel Amankwaa
Mathematics Teacher
Nargiz Askarova
Communication Manager
Mart Avi
Support Teacher
Pierre Blime
Upper Secondary & Advanced Mathematics Teacher
Astrid de Boisfleury
Teacher in “Les Chics Chouettes” (N 0/1/2 FR )
Mathieu Boulanger
History-Economics Teacher (French), S4B Class Teacher
Chris Bridge
Mathematics Teacher
Frazier Carsten
Mathematics Teacher
Magdalini Chatzianastasiou
Latin Teacher
Mercedes Contreras
English Language Teacher (L2)
Oscar Cortes
Primary and Secondary Teacher within the Area of Physical Education and Psycho-motor Development
Elie Daniellot
French Language Teacher
Clara Fabiola Del Rey Castano
Spanish Language Teacher
Merwen Deloris
Primary Assistant (French/English)
Kenty Dubois
S4 A Class Teacher, Eco-School Coordinator, Teacher of Geography (in English and French), History (in English) and Sociology 
Evi Eibak
Information Secretary
Phone: +372 6311 799
Sandra Ermo
Educational Support
Reelika Esko
Aftercare Teacher
Tom Flowers
S7 Class Teacher, EB Coordinator / PE Coordinator
Kimberly Frankenschmidt
Primary/Secondary Support Teacher, Secondary Math Teacher
Stuart Garlick
English Language Teacher L1 and L2
Hanna Geara
Art Teacher / European Hours Teacher
Merve Gölemen
Aftercare Teacher
Alexandr Golossov
German Language Teacher (L2-L3)
Adrián Graziatti
Spanish Language Teacher (L3)
Zeynep Güven
Aftercare Teacher
Rachel Heath
P2 EN A Class Teacher / Coordinator for Primary
Timothy Heath
Primary Assistant

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