Rita Weiss

Hungarian Language Teacher (L1)
Coming from Hungary with a taste of Germany enjoying Estonia. I am here to help and make you laugh.
My Qualifications & Experience

My career as a teacher started with teaching German as a foreign language. After my MA, I got my license for the State Exams (“Rigó utca”) in Hungary and continued to work as a language coordinator, examiner and marketing manager for an exam centre. Later on, I also received my license for the ECL-exams (“European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages”) in German and Hungarian as foreign languages. I also got trained to develop my leadership skill in Germany. After 14 years of teaching and examining, I also worked for multinational companies, translated a few cooking books, ran my own businesses and tasted the world of the bank. I moved to Estonia in 2008 and started working for TES in 2016.

About me & my Hobbies

I am a passionate mother of 3 wonderful multilingual daughters and love to learn languages and dance.

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