Notice of withdrawal

We are sad to see you leaving and wish you all the best!

Please fill in the Withdrawal Notice 45 days before the last day of school or as soon as possible. 

School reports and school certificates can be issued when all outstanding fees or any other pending costs have been settled.

Please check with, if needed, and return all the textbooks and library books. Please return locker keys and access cards, they can be left at the front desk. Kindly inform the canteen or +372 5089418 about your leaving date.

For any questions regarding the leaving process, please contact or +372 6311 331.

We have received your notice of withdrawal, thank you for informing us!

We hope your child/ren had a great time studying at TES. Please take a few minutes to review our school and share your experience with other parents on Google Maps and/or Facebook.

If you have any specific question, please contact our Admission Secretary, Iris Mäeker:

We have received your application. Thank you!