An abstract of some improvements foreseen for the coming academic year 2022/2023.

Timetable adjustment for 2022-2023

The management team, together with timetablers and teachers, is working on a new timetable scheme to allow the following:

  • Accommodate the growing number of pupils in the existing facilities.
  • Harmonization of the timetable across all cycles of the school.
  • Efficient use of teaching and learning time.
  • Allocating 45-minute L2 (L1 SWALS) lessons in P1-2 four times a week.
  • Adjusting the break and lunch times in order to facilitate specific mealtimes and establish a longer gap between mealtimes to encourage a healthier appetite amongst our pupils.

NB! Please note that the new timetable suggestion below will be adjusted in the beginning of August and communicated to the community.

08:45 Start of the school day 10:45-11:30 Break Lessons 13:15-14:00 Lunch Lessons end at ~15.00-15.30 (14:15 on Wednesdays) Aftercare services will remain the same.  
P3-P5 8.15 Start of the school day 09:55-10:40 Break Lessons 12:25-13:10 Lunch Lessons end at ~15.00-15.30 (14:15 on Wednesdays) Aftercare services will remain the same.S1-S7 08:15-09:0009:05-09:5009:55-10:40 BREAK 10:40-11:00 11:00-11:4511:50-12:3512:40-13:25 Lunch A13:30-14:15 Lunch B14:20-15:0515:10-15:5516:00-16:45

Canteen registration and contract

The school meals supplier provides quality meals to our pupils and staff members three times per day. We still have an issue with the registration of and purchasing of meals where the caterer cannot reach the clients. It has been proposed at the School Board meeting of June 9th, similarly to the local schools, all pupils are considered to have lunch at the canteen. If parents do not want their child taking school meals, they need to submit a corresponding application. The permission to share contact details with the caterer and submit the application will be provided via MySchool in September.

Student card developments

TES Primary and Secondary pupils will have an electronic smart card-based pupil ID used when entering and leaving the school premises, registering meals in the school canteen and as an ID card in public transport. The pupil ID is renewed electronically for three academic years, after which a new application must be presented. The first card will be provided free of charge and a duplicate costs 6.50 EUR. More information on this will be available on TES website end of August.

School fee, canteen fee, tuition fee reduction

The school and canteen fees will remain unchanged for the coming school year—more information on the tuition fee reduction on our website.

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