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Rachel Heath
P2 EN A Class Teacher / Coordinator for Primary
Timothy Heath
Primary Assistant
Triin Heinla
Assistant in Nursery 2 English “Playful Pandas”
Anja Heye
German Language Teacher L2
Ana Ichim
Romanian Language Teacher, Erasmus + Coordinator
Latifat Igbin
P3B EN Class Teacher
Jeanna Ilves
Assistant in Curious Caterpillars (N0 EN)
Parry Jahnke
S5 A Class Teacher/ English Language Teacher L1
Johanna Joonas
P3 EN A Class Teacher
Liina Junolaine
Educational Advisor / KiVa Team, Data Protection Officer
Kadri Kakkum
Estonian Language Teacher (L1-L3-HCL)
Erika Karell
Assistant in “Friendly Foxes” (N 1/2 EN B )
Ekaterina Kazakova
French Language Teacher
Leelo Kerner
Front Desk Administrator
Phone: +372 6311 799
Karolin Kirikal
Finance Specialist
Olaf Korallus
Economics Teacher
Rahel Korallus
German Language Teacher
Eszter Kovacs
Hungarian Language Teacher (L1), English Teacher (L2) for P1-2FR and P3-5FR , EU Hours Teachers 
Lea Kranjcic
P5 EN B Class Teacher
Annika Land-Reisser
Music Teacher
Matuš Lazorik
Physical Education Teacher/European Hours Teacher/Nursery Motor Skills Teacher/Aftercare Teacher Nursery
Brice Lecourt
French Language Teacher (L2), Coordinator for L2, L3 & L4
Miina Leemets
Estonian Language and History Teacher, (L1-HCL), L1 SWALS Coordinator
Marion Lelong-Perini
P3-P5 FR Class Teacher /KiVa Team
Kristel Lensmann
P5 EN A Class Teacher
Kirsti Lepp
Teacher in “Dazzling Dolphins” (N1 EN )
Margaret Loik
French Section Nursery Assistant
Leeni Luhakooder
P4 EN B Class Teacher
Jennifer Lyall
S6 Class Teacher/ History and Geography (English)/ Coordinator for Human Sciences
Maris Maasikas
Estonian Language Teacher (L1-L3-HCL), S1 A Class Teacher
Marko Maidre
IT Manager
Tiina Mäkelä
Finnish Language Teacher (L1), Career Guidance

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