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Kristin Külm
History and Geography Teacher & Baccalaureate Coordinator
Consultation time: Wednesdays, 12:00-14:00 – Please make an appointment with the teacher beforehand.
Sven Laats
Administrative Manager
Phone: +372 735 0581
School’s safety, classroom equipment and office supplies, canteen, etc.
Riccardo Larini
Deputy Director for Secondary and Academic Development, Philosophy Teacher
Phone: +372 735 0735
Meeting hours: Thursday from 15:00-18:00. Please make an appointment in advance / Consultation times for students: Monday and Friday from 12:30-13:30
Matus Lazorik
Assistant in Nursery 1 English
Kirsti Lepp
Teacher in Nursery Combined English
Kaire Maali Lõhmus
Aftercare Teacher
Jennifer Lyall
Primary Assistant & Aftercare Teacher
Iris Mäeker
Office Manager
Phone: +372 735 0795
Pupils’ contracts, communication with new families, school documents, etc.
Jill Mägi
Class Teacher P3EN
Consultation time: Thursdays, 15:05-15:55 – Please make an appointment with the teacher beforehand.
Tiina Mäkela
Finnish Language Teacher for P1/P2
Kristal Mason
Class Teacher P4ENA
Gerry Massa
Class Teacher S3 & English Language Teacher
Consultation time: Thursdays, 10:10-10:55 – Please make an appointment with the teacher beforehand.