Pierre Blime

Upper Secondary & Advanced Mathematics Teacher
I am passionate about modelling decision-making with mathematics and the search of intricate hidden mathematical codes in nature. I am a part-time entrepreneur and part-time mathematics teacher at TES. I have now lived in Estonia for over 15 years, and I like it very much.
My Qualifications & Experience

My previous and current professional experiences include helping larger and smaller companies to make the right market entry decisions, helping local and regional communities to expand economically, running a team of scientists at UNEP and being a Research Associate at INSEAD and at Harvard University. I have also been running archaeological tours at various locations. I have been teaching macroeconomics, industrial economics and applied mathematics at INSEAD, Boston University and Stockholm University. The highest training in mathematics I have received was a PhD level program in data modelling at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. I have authored a couple of professional publications on topics such as macroeconomics and industrial policy.

About me & my Hobbies

My past and present hobbies include skiing, biking, hiking, archaeology, nature, and skydiving.

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