Maris Maasikas

Estonian Language Teacher (L1-L3-HCL)
Hi, I'm Maris, born and bred in Estonia. Currently returning from maternity service, I am excited to start a new chapter as an international educator.
My Qualifications & Experience

I have a bachelor's degree from the University of Tartu in teaching Estonian and literature and have been putting it to practice for the past seven years at Tallinn English College. My previous experience is with implementing the IB curriculum so global-mindedness is already in my bloodstream. Starting out at TES this year, I intend to use previous knowledge of international education in TES's context for the best learning experience. I also study sociology at Tallinn University to broaden my mind and challenge my beliefs of what I think I know.

About me & my Hobbies

As so much of the past two years have been spent in survival mode, I am trying to shift towards a more holistic life of slow living, taking care of myself and spending quality time with friends and family, always accompanied by food, wine, books, films, travels and yoga.

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