Ivi Rausi-Haavasalu

Music Teacher / Coordinator for Music / European Hours Teacher
Music is the main essence of my life and I like to think in a way as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in The Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
My Qualifications & Experience

My whole life has been dedicated to the Music. I started my piano studies at the age of 5 in the children music school and ended up in the Estonian Academy of Music & Theatre which I have graduated for three times. I have a BA in music teaching, a BA in traditional music and an MA in contemporary improvisation. I have worked as a music teacher (Arte Gymnasium, EBS High School, Võru Children's Music School), as a Headteacher (EBS High School), and as a Head of the chair of culture (Rocca al Mare School). Last eight years I have been teaching Music in TES and I've been a vocal coach in my vocal studio. So, I have been a teacher and a musician, who loves her job and her students, more than twenty years.

About me & my Hobbies

I love to spend my little free time with my husband and friends. I love to read, to dream, to walk and listen to the wind, to enjoy good food and wine, to travel and of course – to SING a jazz! I have been a professional jazz singer and worked together with many wonderful musicians all over the world. I have published six musical albums. Jazz is like life for me – full of challenges and surprises which makes me constantly think 'out-of-box'. Jazz is the most respectful music in my opinion. It gives the musician total freedom and at the same time asks you to work as a team of soloists without losing your own individuality. Sounds like a perfect world that is full of trust! You can find more information on www.ivirausi.com and on Spotify!

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