Thank you for your application!

To complete it, please make sure to send by email the following documents to*:
  1. A copy of the photo page of the parent’s or their legal representative’s passports or ID-cards (showing the date of birth);
  2. A picture of the child (.jpg or .png file);
  3. A copy of the photo page of the child’s passport or ID-card (showing the date of birth) or a copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  4. If an international student candidate has relocated to Estonia, a document which shows that he/she has a permanent or a valid temporary residence permit or a right of residence, or in the absence of such document, evidence of the legal stay of the student candidate in the Republic of Estonia from a competent authority in a format which can be reproduced in writing;
  5. School reports of the previous academic year from foreign state educational institutions or officially certified copies that include the descriptions of subjects and learning outcomes (not applicable for a child beginning the first Nursery-year). In case the school reports are not in English nor Estonian, a translation to one of the languages has to be provided;
  6. For homeschooled children any other relevant document, including the current year’s standardized tests scores;
  7. The filled-in certificate of the child’s state of health and vaccination information; certified copies of documents related to special needs for children in Estonian or English has to be provided;
  8. The filled-in attestation certificate issued by the employer of the parent or legal representative (this requirement applies to children of the employees of the institutions and agencies of the European Union);
  9. The filled-in Admission Questionnaire / Nursery Entry Profile:

* The overall size of email attachments should be less than 20 MB.

We will start processing your application as soon as we get these documents.