Interview with TES Alumni, Beatrice MAMLIN

Meet our alumni, Beatrice MAMLIN, who graduated from TES in 2021. Currently, she is pursuing a BA in Sciences Po Paris. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Stefan Muennighoff, Beatrice MAMLIN shares insights into her post-graduation life, daily routine, and the habits cultivated during her time at TES.

Good morning, ……… Tell us a little bit about who you are and what has happened since you graduated from TES.

Good morning! Extremely glad to be answering these questions today. I’m Beatrice, almost 22, I have lived most of my life in Europe. I graduated from TES as well as Tallinn Music School in 2021 and have been pursuing my degree in Politics and Government with a concentration on EU and Franco-German relations at Sciences Po Paris, the Nancy campus. At the same time, I continued my music studies at the Conservatory of Nancy. I am spending my final year of bachelor’s at the University of St. Gallen as an exchange student in Switzerland before deciding what to study for my Master’s degree. Thanks to the general nature of my degree, I am glad to be able to pursue any social science for my Master’s degree, either at Sciences Po or perhaps somewhere else. I am also incredibly lucky to have been able to do several internships and research positions within my studies.

Share one specific example when you had to think about your experience at TES and how this relates to what you are doing right now.

I don’t think that I have any specific experiences, but TES was the basis for my university degree. Having had L2 German and L3 French, I wanted to explore the relationship between the countries / cultures as well as perfect my linguistic skills. Thanks to the basic knowledge that I have acquired at TES, I have been able to become fluent in French and German- an asset within the context of the EU.

Tell us a little bit about your (daily) university life and routine?

Back in Nancy, the routine was somewhat similar to a regular school day. As attendance is obligatory in my university, I always had to be present at all classes. A daily routine consisted of going to classes, the gym, the conservatory, studying at home, and sometimes ending the day at a student party- always important to remember to balance school with a social life! Currently, in Switzerland, my routine is quite similar. Although I have less classes, I find myself studying a lot more than I did in France. The campus in St. Gallen is much bigger, and I am very lucky to meet new people every single day!

What are your plans after graduating from your university?

That is a really good question… The plan is most definitely a Master’s degree, and I highly doubt that I would be taking any gap years. I will either pursue my degree in Sciences Po on the Parisian campus in economic law / finance / economic policy. However, I am also looking into other universities. I am still figuring things out, but mostly know that things will fall into place.

In hindsight, how did TES perpare your for life after TES? What was your biggest surprise?

The linguistic skills as well as familiarization with European core values which I acquired at TES prepared me incredibly well for my studies. My biggest surprise was actually the alumni network. I have met a lot of people from other European Schools, which allowed me to make friends very quickly!

If you were in S6 now, what would you have done differently? What is your advise to current (senior) secondary students? And to teachers and the school in general?

If I were in S6 now, I would, in hindsight, have chosen to put more effort into my mathematics skills. Nowadays, especially in St.Gallen, I am trying to catch up with things that I wish I would remember from high school. The harder you work on them the more you end up remembering! I would also advice not to stress too much about the field of studies you would like to pursue. These days I realize I am more interested in pursuing a career in the private sector / business field, and am thus looking into those fields for my master’s degree. I ended up exploring and learning a lot about myself during my university years, so there is really no point in trying to figure out what you want to do until the rest of your life at 17 years old.

How would you like to see TES develop in the next 10 years?

I am really looking forward to seeing a large, diverse, and active TES alumni network! With more and more graduates, I think that we will truly be able to build an interesting community and a platform to help future generations.

Anything else you would like to add?

Choosing universities and trying to figure out your path after high school can be truly confusing. It is important to embrace the journey but to not forget to work extremely hard. My number one lesson that I have learned since starting university is if you decide to do something- you give it your 100%!

Thank you very much for your time. Hope to see you next Spring at the TES 10 year anniversary.

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