Interview with TES Alumni, YinKai

Meet our alumni, Yin Kai, who graduated from TES in 2023. Currently, he is pursuing a BA in Technical University of Munich (TUM). In an exclusive interview with Mr. Stefan Muennighoff, Yin Kai shares insights into his post-graduation life, daily routine, and the habits cultivated during his time at TES.

Good morning, ……… Tell us a little bit about who you are and what has happened since you graduated from TES.

I am Yin Kai, an 18-year-old Chinese guy who recently graduated from TES (July 2023), I am currently enrolled at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to study Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, where my official lectures have started on the 16th of October. (ed: TUM is currently ranked as the “best technical University” in Germany and among the top 25 in the world)

Share one specific example when you had to think about your experience at TES and how this relates to what you are doing right now.

I would say Pierre Blime’s toolbox quizzes have had the biggest impact on me at TES. My program at TUM provides me with a preparatory math course, and with the tools learned for the toolbox quizzes at TES, I am able to understand the topics well, leaving room for me to adapt to the German environment.

Tell us a little bit about your (daily) university life and routine?

For now, I first get up in the morning, then go to the math course, next go back to where I live, search for long-term accommodation, do revisions on math, and sleep. (I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.)

What are your plans after graduating from your university?

I am thinking about getting a master’s degree after my bachelor’s, if I can graduate without too much struggle and within 3 years. Then I will find a job to get some savings and maybe start my own company if I have some ideas.

In hindsight, how did TES perpare your for life after TES? What was your biggest surprise?

Well, since my lectures have not officially started yet, I cannot answer this question fully. However, the math (5 P) + math 3 (3 P) advanced courses at TES really prepared me for the university. I can understand the topics in math without too much struggling, even when they are being taught in German.

If you were in S6 now, what would you have done differently? What is your advise to current (senior) secondary students? And to teachers and the school in general?

If I were to go back in S6, I would try to study more German and look for accommodation in advance to the place where I am going to study. I would recommend the current upper secondary students to work on their self-discipline and try harder. This is very important for the preparation of the BAC exam and also for university studies. The stronger you leave TES, the stronger you will enter the university life.

How would you like to see TES develop in the next 10 years?

I hope that TES would be able to get more resources (better materials, equipment)and reinforce all sciences as it grows larger. Subjects should have proper textbooks and exercise books. And I hope that TES would reinforce the communication and interaction with other European Schools to use the full benefits of a truly European netwThank you very much for your time. Hope to see you next Spring at the TES 10 year anniversary.

Thank you very much for your time. Hope to see you next Spring at the TES 10 year anniversary.

We have received your application. Thank you!