Our school

Tallinn European School is an Accredited European School established in 2013 by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research to provide a multilingual international education at Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels. The school follows the European Schools’ curriculum and delivers the European Baccalaureate diploma.

Tallinn European School at a glance

  1. Tallinn European School is the only Accredited European School in Estonia and in the Baltics. Find out more about the Accredited European Schools 
  2. Tallinn European School provides a multilingual international education at Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels, for children aged 4 to 19 years old, following the European Schools’ curriculum. Find out more about our curriculum
  3. Tallinn European School delivers the European Baccalaureate, a demanding examination which is recognised by all the Universities within the EU and in many other countries (USA, China, Canada, Japan, Russia…). Find out more about the European Baccalaureate
  4. Tallinn European School is the only international school in Estonia offering two linguistic sections, English and French. For the schoolyear 2018/2019, lessons will be provided in 12 different European languages: English, French, German, Estonian, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Greek. Find out more about languages at TES
  5. Tallinn European School provides a child-friendly, healthy, secure and supportive learning environment in a fully renovated school building located in the heart of Tallinn, a few steps away from the Old Town and the creative district of Telliskivi. Find out more about our school building
  6. Tallinn European School integrates numerous services, with multiple Extracurricular activities and Aftercare options until 18:00, professionals dedicated to the pupils’ welfare (psychologist, nurse, SEN teacher…), and integrated canteen and library. Find out more about our services
  7. Tallinn European School’s team is composed of more than 80 talented staff members. It is an experienced and multicultural team, with multiple profiles and professional backgrounds. Find out more and contact our team
  8. Tallinn European School is the biggest international school in Estonia with around 300 pupils for the school year 2018/2019. 
  9. Tallinn European School is the most affordable international school in Estonia with annual tuition fees of 3 300 euros in Nursery, 3 860 euros in Primary, and 4 725 euros in Secondary. Find out more about the admission process
  10. Tallinn European School is a division of Foundation Euroopa Kool, established by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. 

Our mission

To provide a broad, balanced, creative, multicultural and multilingual education in a highly motivating learning environment in order to prepare the future citizens of an ever-changing world.

To fulfil our mission, we offer internationally recognised quality education to a culturally diverse community based on the principles of the European Schools.

Our vision

To be the heart of international education in Estonia and the home of innovative learning in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Our values

We accept ourselves and other people in their diversity. We appreciate our own and other’s emotions. We trust ourselves and others and take full responsibility for our actions and thoughts. We notice, listen and understand our neighbour. We practice profound listening and reflect.

We exercise a high level of self-awareness. We speak and act out of integrity. We strive towards harmonious relations and win-win solutions. With every thought and deed we contribute to the well-being and culture of our school. We believe that every challenge has a positive side on which to lean.

We co-create our reality in cooperation with other people. We are curious about new knowledge, skills and attitudes. We are open to change. We foster flexibility, spontaneity and creative thinking. We constantly explore innovative paths and dare to dream and fulfil our dreams.