European Baccalaureate

The European Baccalaureate is a demanding examination and an officially recognized entry qualification for higher education in all EU countries, as well as in many others including the UK and the USA. European School students attend universities all over Europe and beyond. There are currently around 40,000 students in the system and approximately 2,200 take the European Baccalaureate examinations each year. These numbers are growing annually as the system expands.

The European Baccalaureate is a demanding examination where students must study approximately 12 subjects in two different languages. Students are required to study their dominant language (L1), at least one foreign language to a high level (L2), history and geography in that foreign language, mathematics, at least one science subject, philosophy, physical education and ethics. They must add elective courses to this, for example, more sciences and languages, or the same subjects at a higher level. This means that, despite the large compulsory element in the European Baccalaureate, students are able to build up a programme that reflects their particular interests and strengths.

At the end of year S7, the pupils obtain a preliminary mark, which accounts for 50% of the final mark. This preliminary mark reflects all the formative assessment (daily work in a subject) and summative assessment (Pre-Baccalaureate examinations) carried out by the teachers during S7.

The other 50% of the final mark is obtained through the double correction of the written and oral European Baccalaureate examinations by internal and external examiners. The five written examinations account for 35% of this part and the three oral examinations for 15% of this part.

The overall pass mark for the European Baccalaureate is 5 out 10 (50 out of 100).

The mark weighting for a candidate with 12 subjects in S7 is the following:

  • Preliminary mark, 12 subjects: 4.2% per subject, 50% in total
  • Written examinations, 5 subjects: 7.0% per subject, 35% in total
  • Oral examinations, 3 subjects: 5.0% per subject, 15% in total
Source: The European Baccalaureate Handbook, 2021 – Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools

The preliminary mark is given on the final school day before the European Baccalaureate examinations. It reflects all the formative assessment (daily work in a subject) and summative assessment (Pre-Baccalaureate examinations) carried out by the teachers during S7. 

The overall preliminary mark’s weight is 40% for the formative assessments and 60% for the summative assessments.

The preliminary mark accounts for 50% of the final mark of the European Baccalaureate, so it is very important to make a constant effort throughout the year.

Candidates sit five written examinations:

  1. Language 1 or advanced Language 1
  2. Language 2 or advanced Language 2
  3. Mathematics (5 periods) or Mathematics (3 periods)
  4. Option (4 periods)
  5. Option (4 periods)

These examinations are set by a panel of subject specialists. Marking is carried out by subject teachers and by external examiners. The two marks are averaged, with overall supervision by the subject inspector.

Candidates take three subjects as oral examinations:

Exam 1Exam 2Exam 3

Language 1 (Advanced, if studied)

Language 2 (Advanced, if studied) OR

History or Geography (if not taken as a written exam)

Four-period elective subject (if not taken as a written exam) OR

a two-period subject OR

Advanced Mathematics (compulsory if studied)

Upon registration, all pupils must submit a copy of their birth certificate and an email address valid until the end of the school year.
Registration fee & overall cost per candidate

The registration fee for the European Baccalaureate is not included in the school tuition fee.

  • Registration fee for the European Baccalaureate session of 2023-24: 101,86 euros
  • Cost per oral examination: 100.00 euros
  • Overall cost per candidate (estimated): 400 euros
  • Cost per additional examination: 38,17 euros

The invoice for the registration for the examinations of the European Baccalaureate will be sent by the school in May 2024.  

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