School documents

In the following, you will find important information and papers regarding the organization of TES, its administrative structures and school rules.

The school’s principles and general provision, and its development plan for 2019-2022. Approved by the School Board on 16th January 2019 and by the Supervisory Board of Foundation Euroopa Kool on 15th February 2019.

Responsabilities of Directors, Regulations for Councils, Duties and obligations of members of staff of the schools, Responsabilities of pupils’ legal representatives, Participation, Discipline, Enrolment and withdrawal of Pupils – Equivalence of study, Organisation of studies, Assessment of pupils, Administrative Board, Complaints and appeals procedures, Final provision. 

Code of conduct/behaviour policy, everyday arrangements, arrival, departure, outings, library, canteen, dress code, diary, security, lockers, electronic devices, ICT rules etc.
Updated version April 2018

Tallinn European School follows fully the assessment regulations stipulated in the General rules of the European Schools n°2014-03-D-14-en-6. Additional guidelines are provided within the given framework in order to harmonise assessment procedures at TES and to ensure clarity and transparency of the marking system.

Fundamental basis: the structure of the school, governing bodies, the rights and obligations of the various parties, etc. – Updated version August 2018

The European Schools, the organs of the schools, staff representation, parents’ association, budget, disputes, special provisions…

Terms and conditions of admission and exclusion procedures for TES – target groups, language sections, required documents etc. Clause 9.6. approved and added by Tallinn European School Board on 24.01.2018

Rights of the data subject and school’s obligations to secure data protection and confidentiality.

Prevention, team effort and systematic intervention 

Disciplinary measures, discipline councils, description of the procedure

General provisions, the purpose of homework, characteristics of homework, guidelines for teachers, guidelines for pupils, guidelines for parents, recommended maximum time for homework. 

General provisions, Providers, Communication, Participation, Activity time, Equipment, Outcome, Fees, Quitting and joining activities.

Support Team and Support Advisory Group, Types of Educational Support, Non-integration of a pupil, Assessment and Promotion, Special Arrangements. 

General provisions, types and rates of tuition fee reductions, applying, granting and application.

The Accreditation and Cooperation Agreement was signed on 11 February 2014.

An additional Agreement to the Accreditation and Cooperation Agreement was signed on 30 August 2017 to extend the accreditation for secondary years 6 and 7 and for the European Baccalaureate.

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